Collectors and Absorbers

Collectors and Absorbers

For heating domestic water with sun's energy, you'll require thermal collectors and absorbers. SolarTown offers solar collectors for hot water and absorbers suitable for every climate from well-known brands such as Chromagen solar collectors from Solene.

Our flat-plate collectors work well for systems that need to produce water at temperatures of 200°F or lower. They can be purchased with or without glazing (glass covers) depending on how low external temperatures dip in your area.

For those applications that require water heated to temperatures of 170°F to 350°F, evacuated-tube solar collectors are ideal as they are much more efficient than flat-plate collectors. They work especially well in areas where ambient air temperatures differ greatly from desired water temperatures.

Solar thermal systems installed in year-round mild climates can also work with integral collector-storage systems (ICS),which function both as solar collectors and water storage units.

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