Metal Scissor Ladders

Metal Scissor Ladders

Metal Scissor



The box can be made of wood or metal. The box is equipped with a peripheral gasket (LST) and trims as standard. Proper box structure allows for quick setting of the ladder in the ceiling and facilitates correct levelling.


Operation of the attic ladder is significantly improved because of FAKRO's unique unloading mechanism. Once unlocked, the hatch opens slowly without any potential danger to the user. Once fully opened, this mechanism will also hold the hatch in position, preventing it from slamming shut.


The patented corner hinge re-enforces the rigidity of the box and prevents any changes in the diagonal lengths. Thanks to this, the box is not affected by any deformations and can be operated trouble free once installed.


Standard scissor attic ladders are equipped with white insulated or ire-resistant hatches, made of wood, or wood and metal. The external hatch surface is smooth without any visible fixing elements.


The specially embossed pattern on the step surface protects the user from accidental slipping while using the ladder.


The scissor ladder structure makes it possible to easily adjust its length to the room height without the need for cutting. Additionally, it enables folding the ladder to smaller sizes and therefore allows installation in smaller ceiling openings (the smallest ladder size being 22x31 inch). The elegant and modern style of the scissor attic ladder is achieved by the "S"-shaped stringers which may also serve as handrails.