Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries

Batteries are required for many solar installations, both grid-tied and off-grid installations. These solar battery systems store DC energy generated by the solar panels. Most solar batteries are deep-cycle cells, allowing them to be less susceptible to degradation as a result of regular cycling. SolarTown carries reliable absorbed glass mat sealed lead acid (AGM) and gelled electrolyte sealed lead acid (gel) batteries by ConcordeDekaSamlex, and Xantrex.

AGM batteries are completed sealed, which prevents spills and corrosive fumes. These maintenance-free batteries are ideally suited for grid-tied solar systems and although they used to be relatively expensive, their price has come down in recent years, making them a great choice for most homeowners.

Gelled lead acid batteries are made with a gelled electrolyte which is highly viscous. They must be charged at a slower pace than AGM batteries, but are well-suited for systems where discharge rates are less than severe.

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