Wood Ladders

Wood Ladders

Wooden Folding



The ladder box frame is made of wood. Wooden frame for insulated models contains a peripheral gasket situated within the milled section of the box. Once the hatch is closed this gasket ensures proper tightness of the entire unit. Specially designed frame allows fast and convenient trim installation.


Operation of the attic ladder is significantlyimproved because of FAKRO’s unique opening mechanism. Once unlocked, the hatch opens slowly without any potential danger to the user. Once fully opened, this mechanism will hold the hatch in position, preventing it from slamming shut. No sudden movements.


The patented corner hinge or spring catch reinforces the rigidity of the box and helps maintain square corners. Thanks to this, the box is not affected by deformations and can be operated trouble free once installed. The ladder hinges joining each of the ladder sections provide rigidity to moving connections.


The attic ladder hatch can be non-insulated (made of particle board), insulated (sandwich type) or fireproofed. The applied thermal insulation protects against heat loss and - in fire rated attic ladders - also against significant heat transfer during fire.


Grooves which are cut into the step surface protect the user from accidental slipping while using the ladder.


The ladder can be equipped with the plastic ends. They are specially designed to prevent from scratching the floor and to help stabilizing the ladder.


FAKRO wooden attic ladders made of high quality pine wood are composed of three sections. The special ladder structure and materials used ensure it’s high durability.