About Us

Climate change is the greatest planet-wide challenge of our time. SolarTown was established to be part of the solution, offering clean energy generation systems powered by the sun for every American interested in low-cost, renewable energy. We aim to become the premier destination for all things solar on the web.

Learn. There’s a lot of information on the Internet about choosing and installing solar energy systems, but much of it is scattered across numerous sites, making it difficult for the average consumer to see the whole picture. The Learning segment in SolarTown gives customers the tools and information they need, all in one place.

Buy. Equipped with a solid understanding of how solar works, visitors to SolarTown can then explore our high-quality, competitively-priced products in the Store section of our site. We carefully select the products we sell to ensure reliability, durability, and affordability. We also believe in supporting American companies and laborers, and as such, give preference to American-manufactured products.

Build. Once SolarTown customers take delivery of their systems, they may require some assistance in installing these systems. The Community segment of the site provides information on choosing an installer as well as resources for installing solar systems independently, allowing those new to solar to learn from intrepid users.

The cornerstone of SolarTown is our customer service. We offer exceptional nationwide sales expertise for anyone interested in exploring solar for their home or business. Our customer service professionals will help you find the products you need and get them to you quickly and hassle-free. And with SolarTown, there are no hidden costs. We provide an up-front quote for your system, including shipping.