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Schneider Electric CONEXT XW+ And SW Configuration Commissioning Software-PC Tool

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The Conext™ Configuration tool is a PC-based software used by system installers to calibrate multi-unit systems during system configuration and reduce installation time.

The Conext Configuration tool is not meant to replace the Insight or any other monitoring devices.  Those monitoring devices may still be required to monitor Schneider Electric solar and storage system and components.

Software and drivers for the Conext Configuration Tool are under the downloads section (Firmware).

Conext Config USB Driver is firmware used for general installation setup.

Conext Config Tool Software_AI (Anti-Islanding) is used when 2 or more inverters are installed in parallel on a single phase connection (See Conext XW+ Multi-Unit Power System Design Guide under the downloads section (Technical Publications). It is also used if there is a specific requirement by a utility.

Note: Adjustment of AC anti-islanding parameters should only be done after consultation with the power utility or authority having jurisdiction.


The Configuration Tool allows the installer to perform the following functions:

System and device configuration
System logging
Firmware upgrades
Saving and Restoring configurations
Single inverter or multi-cluster configuration
Parameter adjustment, Voltage and Frequency
Compatible OS : Windows 7 , 8 and 10


  • Manufacturer: Schneider Electric
    Product Line: Configuration Tool
    Model ID: 865-1155-01 


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