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Schneider Electric Insight Home

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Meet the newest additions to the Insight Energy Management ecosystem. Powerful yet simple, Insight is Schneider Electric’s energy management ecosystem for solar & storage. It provides intuitive mobile and web-browser based interfaces for homeowners and professionals alike. InsightHome and InsightFacility are smart edge devices that connect customers’ Schneider Electric solar and storage systems to the Insight app.

InsightHome is perfect for smaller residential systems. InsightFacility supports larger residential and small commercial applications. Both InsightHome and InsightFacility are compatible with Schneider Electric’s solar & storage offerings, including the XW and SW lines of storage inverters, the MPPT solar charge controllers, and the accessories. For more information about sizing, please watch this webinar.


Take Command
Take control of your energy management decisions, such as which energy source you use at different times of the day
Optimize energy consumption based on time of use rates and demand charges

Built-in wireless access point (WAP) connectivity for easy configuration(wirelessly connect a laptop or mobile device)
Built-in wireless station mode for connection to a local area network
Li-ion battery integration for flexible design and easier configuration

Easy to Service
Remotely upgrade Schneider Electric solar & storage devices’ firmware and manage system settings through InsightCloud
Monitor your system’s performance from anywhere at any time with InsightCloud and InsightMobile Apps

Insight for Homeowners

Access from anywhere via cloud, local or mobile apps
Monitor energy production and consumption in real-time
See your money-savings and reduction in carbon emissions

Insight for Professionals

Manage your portfolio of installations at your fingertips
Reduce site visits by 50% thanks to the powerful remote management features
Simplify solar and storage system configuration using web-based or Modbus


  • Manufacturer: Schneider Electric
    Product Line: Insight Energy Management
    Model ID: 865-0330

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