Generac XVT076A03 PWRcell 7600W Inverter - Grid-Tie, 120/240VAC, with CTS & Backup

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The Generac XVT076A03 PWRcell™ 7.6kW single phase inverter is a modern inverter that runs all your home appliances and air-conditioning in the event of a utility power failure. Storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and floods often cause power outages. With a backup source of power, you will not be left in the dark. Continue to run heating in the winter and air conditioners in summer when grid power fails, so your family remains comfortable indoors during power outages.

This Generac XVT076A03 inverter requires no fuel and runs on the solar energy you save in battery modules. Each module offers 3kWh of capacity and you can add as many as six modules to your battery cabinet to run a large house or shop. The inverter supplies ample energy to run your AC, sump pump, furnace, refrigerator, computers and kitchen appliances. The energy storage and supply system is designed for durability and efficiency. Homeowners can now save significantly on their utility bills.

Generac XVT076A03 is shipped free of cost. The easy payment plan allows you to buy the package within your budget. All Generac PWRcell products are engineered and built in the USA using domestic and foreign parts. Generac is the #1 selling home standby generator brand. The Customer Support Team is available day and night, every day of the year at our headquarters in Wisconsin to answer your queries.


  • Generac PWRcell™ XVT076A03 7.6kW 1Ph is a single-phase inverter with CTS. The design is simplistic and efficient.
  • The 60Hz model is the most feature-rich inverter on the market today. It operates without an autotransformer or battery inverter.
  • This modern 120/240V inverter has a bi-directional, REbus™ powered design. Store and use as much solar power you need.
  • This unit is suitable for a large or medium-sized home, or a commercial business. Battery modules export stored solar energy to the inverter.
  • This Generac model connects to the PV Link and Generac PWRcell battery to form the PWRcell system for grid-interactive solar plus storage.
  • Homeowners enjoy the benefit of using battery power instead of grid power anytime they choose. This power can be sold to the grid as well.
  • To enable self-supply mode and zero export capability, current transformers are used. These CTs also let the inverter provide information on utility consumption through the control panel and the PWRview™ app.
  • The PWRcell™ inverter can operate in various modes, such as islanding, grid sell, self-consumption, grid support-zero expert, and so forth.
  • The control panel has LED indicators: The REbus status LED communicates the REbus nano-grid status, while the Inverter LED shows the status of the utility grid and inverter.
  • This unit is ideal for use as a backup source of power for the whole home or business. It runs quietly at < 40% THD and provides reliable performance in climates where the temperature ranges from -4 to 122 °F (-20 to 50 °C).
  • The Generac PWRcell™ inverter supports REbus™, CANbus and Ethernet communication interfaces.
  • A web portal or a mobile app can be used to view the Free System Monitoring using the PWRview™ to check how much energy your house is using. Separate dashboards display solar and battery usage.
  • The Generac inverter is housed in a Type 3R enclosure for optimal durability.
  • This unit is ETL, cETL certified, and UL 1741 SA, CSA 22.2 and UL 1998 compliant.
  • The Generac XVT076A03 7.6kW single phase inverter carries a 10-Year Limited Warranty.


Manufacturer: Generac
Product Line: Inverter
Model ID: XVT076A03
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