Generac, PwrCell, G0080040, Lithium-Ion Battery Module, 400VDC, 3.0 KWH

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  • Generac, PwrCell, G0080040, Lithium-Ion Battery Module, 400VDC, 3.0 KWH
  • Generac, PwrCell, G0080040, Lithium-Ion Battery Module, 400VDC, 3.0 KWH


Generac PWRcell: The Intelligent Solar and Storage System
A PWRcell system can provide up to 9kW of continuous backup power to a home's essential power needs, or to the whole home. A single PWRcell battery can provide enough motor starting power to backup large loads like air conditioners and well pumps.

The PWRcell battery is not only the most powerful battery on the market, it is also the most flexible and scalable. It can be set up for completely outdoor installations in nearly any climate with the optional Outdoor Rated (OR) PWRcell battery cabinet and new PWRcell battery module. The PWRcell battery can be configured to meet any budget or lifestyle: with as few as three battery modules for just 8.6kWh of capacity and 4.5kW output; or, four, five and six battery module configurations yield more power and capacity up to 18kWh capacity and 9kW output. When even more power is needed, multiple PWRcell batteries can be connected to a single PWRcell inverter for up to 36kWh of storage capacity and 11kW continuous backup power.

No other smart battery offers the flexibility of PWRcell. Whether for backup power or smart energy management, the PWRcell battery has power and capacity options for every need, without sacrificing flexibility or function.

The PWRcell battery series allows system owners the flexibility to scale from the economical 8.6kWh PWRcell 9™ to the massive 17.1 kWh PWRcell 17™ by adding additional PWRcell battery modules, the gold standard in storage.

Minimum of 3 Generac GEN-PWRC-BAT-3000 PWRcell Battery Modules (9.0 usable kWh) needed to use inside the Generac APKE00007 PWRcell Battery Enclosure. Able to be expanded to 6 PWRcell Battery Modules in a single PWRcell Battery Enclosure (18.0 usable kWh).

Connect as many as two 2 PWRcells Battery Enclosure to a single PWRcell Inverter for up to 36kWh of storage.

PWRcell Battery Design

PWRcell is a modular smart battery platform that allows for a range of configurations to suit any need, small or large. PWRcell can be built in capacities ranging from 8.6-17.1kWh. When needs change, PWRcell can be upgraded with additional modules.Use the chart above to understand what components you need for your chosen PWRcell configuration.

Upgrading PWRcell

Inside of the PWRcell battery, the PWRcell battery modules are stacked 2-deep on three levels, allowing for up to six modules to be connected in series. Upgrade an existing PWRcell battery by adding modules and a module spacer (HMSK) if required. PWRcell 9 and PWRcell 15 require a module spacer.


  • Connect as many as two 2 PWRcells to a single PWRcell Inverter for up to 36.0kWh of storage
  • Best-in-class battery backup power
  • Plug-and-play with PWRcell Inverters and PV Links
  • Time-of-use (TOU) and zero-export ready
  • Residential and commercial application ready


Manufacturer: Generac
Product Line: Battery Module
Model ID: G0080040
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