Generac, PwrCell, APKE0008, Battery Module Spacer Kit

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Generac APKE00008 PWRcell Battery Module Spacer Kit, Hardware for a 3 or 5 Battery Configuration Inside a PWRcell Battery Cabinet
The Generac APKE00008 PWRcell Battery Module Spacer Kit is used when installing 3 or 5 batteries inside a PWRcell Battery Cabinet. This is just a spacer kit and the batteries must be purchased separately.

The PWRcell Battery Cabinet is a NEMA Type 3R outdoor rated smart battery enclosure that allows for a range of storage configurations to suit any need. DC-couple to Generac PWRzone solar, PWRgenerator, or AC-couple to a third party PV array. No other smart battery offers the power and flexibility of PWRcell.

PWRcell Battery Cabinet Design
The PWRcell Battery Cabinet allows system owners the flexibility to scale from an economical 9kWh to a massive 18kWh by installing additional battery modules to the PWRcell Battery Cabinet. An existing PWRcell Battery Cabinet can be upgraded with additional modules. Use the data sheet to understand what components you need for your chosen PWRcell configuration.

PLEASE NOTE: Generac PWRcell Installer Certification is required for installation, commissioning and warranty service.


  • Best-in-class battery backup power
  • AC-couple to third party solar array
  • Connect 2 PWRcell Battery Cabinets to a single PWRcell Inverter for up to 36kWh of usable storage
  • Plug-and-play with all PWRcell products
  • Time-of-use (TOU) and zero-export ready
  • 3R cabinet for outdoor and indoor installations
  • Floor standing or wall-mounted design


Manufacturer: Generac
Product Line: Battery Module
Model ID: APKE0008
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