Enphase IQ Load Controller

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  • Enphase IQ Load Controller
  • Enphase IQ Load Controller
  • Enphase IQ Load Controller
  • Enphase IQ Load Controller


The IQ Load Controller is a complete solution to use the load control feature of the IQ System Controller.

Using the IQ Load Controller helps power your critical loads for a longer time when off-grid by shedding non-essential loads, or can help ensure the right solar-to-storage ratio for an off-grid system.

This product can be used to control 2x36A dedicated loads or 2x32A branch or solar circuits.

The DIN rail design enables easy installation and servicing.

The product comes with a 5-year warranty.

  • Control up to 2, 36A resistive loads or 3HP/25A inductive loads running at 240VAC or 4 loads running at 120VAC
  • Shed up to 2 excess IQ6, IQ7, M215 or M250 solar branch circuits(up to 32A each) to maintain Solar-To-Storage ratio when off-grid
  • Prioritize essential appliances during a grid outage to optimize energy consumption and prolong battery life
  • Choose from three load control modes for flexibility or manually control loads from the Enphase App
  • A complete solution for use with the IQ System Controller’s load control feature
  • DIN rail mounted components enable easy installation and servicing
  • Easy configuration via Enphase Installer App
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor installations
  • 5 years warranty
  • Durable NEMA 4X Enclosure
  • Units required: 1 IQ Load Controller can control up to 2 load or PV circuits

What’s in the box:

  • 1 IQ Load controller




The product comes with a 5-year warranty.
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