Solar Modules

Solar Modules

SolarTown offers solar modules that are durable and attractive from the most dependable brands in the business, including TrinaPanasonicSharp and Canadian Solar. Our selection of solar modules includes crystalline panels and innovative thin-film amorphous panels for roof-mounted installations.

Both of these technologies offer reliable, renewable electricity for powering your appliances, electronics, lighting, and any other electrical devices in your home. SolarTown also offers portable solar panels, which can be found in the Solar Electronics department.

We sell individual photovoltaic modules as well as complete solar kits, including inverter, charge controller, batteries (if required), combiner box, mounts, and cables—everything you need to get started. The photovoltaic (PV) systems carried by SolarTown can be used for either grid-tied or off-grid solar power applications, offering you the option of storing excess energy or selling it back to your local utility.


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