Moderate Climate

Moderate Climate

For homeowners living in a climate where the temperatures do not get below freezing, or for those who expect to use the solar hot water system only in the summer, an active open loop or a passive solar water heating system is a good option. SolarTown offers both systems from high-quality manufacturers. In addition, any of our cold climate solar water heaters will also work.

A passive solar water heating systems relies on gravity and the natural buoyancy of warm water rather than a pump to circulate water. These systems are very reliable, easy to maintain, and require a lower up-front investment.

Active open loop water heaters circulate water using an energized pump system, which requires more energy to run compared to passive systems. Instead of using an antifreeze fluid, which is common in cold climate solar hot water systems, domestic water is circulated through piping that is plumbed directly to the storage tank, giving you a regular supply of hot water. These active systems are generally very reliable, although they cost more than passive systems.

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