Tamarack Solar 90071 Ground Mount 4 Module First Column Kit for use with 3.1 inch Rail

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Tamarack Solar Ground Mount 4 Module First Column Kit for use with 3.1in Rail

The Tamarack Ground Mount System is assembled using 3.1 rail with 2-inch schedule 40 or 80 galvanized steel pipe that is purchased separately. Use three 85-inch rails and two structural splices per column to create two 127.5-inch rail assemblies for 3 modules per column. One of the rails must be cut in half. Use four 85-inch rails and two structural splices per column for 4 modules per column. Maximum PV module width for both is 41.5-inches.

The system comes with all parts needed except for the pipe and concrete. Assembly is quick and easy and can be used on almost any terrain.


  • Simple Design - Arrays can be in columns of 3 or 4 module high and any width required
  • Easy to install - No welding or drilling and two wrench sizes fit all fasteners
  • UL 2703 Listed - All components meet the UL 2703 standards for bonding and grounding
  • PE Certified - Pre-stamped engineering letters available for most states
  • Easy to configure - Unlimited system size with tilt angles from 0 to 45 degrees
  • Visually Appealing - Simple to adjust for perfect alignment, even if the surface is irregular
  • Simple Wire Management - PV cables and wiring for module-level electronics fits inside rails to avoid time-consuming wire management
  • Extremely Robust - For use in locations with wind speeds up to 170 MPH and ground snow loads of up to 50 PSF


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Parts included in the kit:

  • Four 85" rails
  • Four 2" T-Fittings
  • Two splices
  • Four pipe mount clamps
  • Ten 5050 clamps
  • Four end caps
  • Eight wire clips
  • One ground clamp
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