Sun Xtender

Sun Xtender PVX-490T 12V Solar Battery

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  • Sun Xtender PVX-490T 12V Solar Battery
  • Sun Xtender PVX-490T 12V Solar Battery


Sun Xtender Solar Battery

Sun Xtender batteries provide safe, reliable and long lasting power. Environmentally friendly, there is no exposed lead on Sun Xtender batteries and they are 100 percent recyclable. Sustainable, Clean, Renewable Energy Storage.

Since 1987, Sun Xtender solar batteries have been hand crafted for quality in the U.S.A. Valve regulated lead acid batteries with AGM construction (VRLA-AGM).The AGM construction means no water replenishment ever.

Utilizing pure lead calcium grids, the plates are thicker than the industry standard for longer cycle life, increased reliability and power. The low impedance AGM design allows for excellent charge acceptance and there is no current limit required with controlled voltage charging.

The Sun Xtender Battery product line features proprietary PolyGuard® Microporous Polyethylene Separators, shielding the positive plates against shorting, shock or vibration. No other manufacturers offer this dual layer insulation protection feature.

Sun Xtender Battery covers and containers are uniquely molded with high impact, reinforced polypropylene and are designed with thick end walls to prevent bulging. The copper alloy T Terminals are corrosion resistant and are supplied with silicon bronze bolts and washers.

All Sun Xtender Batteries ship Hazmat Exempt.

PVX-490T Applications include Telemetry RTU Monitoring, Traffic Warning Signals, and Parking Lot Lighting.

See the Sun Xtender Battery Technical Manual for details.


SKU number  PVX-490T
Voltage  12V
Industry Reference  Group 22NF
Width (in) 8.82
Height (in) 5.45
Length (in) 8.99
Weight (lb) 36
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