SolarEdge Smart EV Charger w/cable and Wi-Fi Enabled

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Introducing the SolarEdge Home EV Charger

The SolarEdge Home EV Charger automatically uses available solar energy for EV-charging, providing you with the convenience and freedom of charging fast from home with cleaner, cheaper, renewable energy. Easy to install, the SolarEdge Home EV Charger seamlessly integrates with our solar inverters(1), enabling homeowners to control and optimize all household energy from a single app.

  • Wi-Fi enabled, level 2 charging station, with up to 40A (9.6kW) charging power 
  • Control and monitoring via app - including remote operations, smart scheduling and charging history 
  • Industry-leading 5-year warranty(1) 
  • Rated for indoor or outdoor use 
  • Plug-in unit, easily modified to support hardwired installations(2) 
  • Suitable for use with or without a SolarEdge PV system

Optimized charging, when connected to a SolarEdge inverter(3):

  • Charges EV with up to 100% renewable energy by using excess-solar mode(4)
  • Synchronizes with the full SolarEdge ecosystem (PV, home backup, and smart home devices), all managed by a single mobile app
  • Faster charging with the unique Solar Boost mode, utilizing both grid and available PV simultaneously(3)


(1) For additional information regarding the EV charging cable warranty terms please refer to: 
(2) Hardwired installation by professional installer only. 
(3) Supports AC connection to SolarEdge Home Hub and SolarEdge Home Wave inverters only. A dedicated solar boost kit (SE-EV-KIT-V3UPG-01) is required for connection to standard SolarEdge Home Wave inverters. 
(4) SolarEdge import/export meter and communication connectivity with the SolarEdge inverter are required for controlled excess solar charging


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