SolarEdge CELL-B-R05-US-S-S2 Residential Cellular Plug-In

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SolarEdge, Cellular Modem, 5 year plan, Residential SetApp Inverter, CELL-B-R05-US-S-S2

Connects the SolarEdge SetAPP series of residential inverters to the internet via cell signal. Reduces or eliminates the need for additional internet infrastructure delivered to inverter. Comprehensive US coverage enables remote monitoring and troubleshooting.


  • Highlights Automatically provides backup power to home loads in the event of grid interruption. Full flexibility in which loads to backup the entire home or selected loads. Scalable solution to support higher power and higher capacity. Built-in Auto Tranformer and Energy Meter for easier and faster installation. Seemless integration with the StorEdge inverter to manage and monitor both PV generation and energy storage. Generator connection support. 


  • Manufacturer: SolarEdge
    Product Line: Cellular Modem
    Model ID: CELL-B-R05-US-S-S2

  • Mechanical Data

    Technology: Cellular Modem
    2 x 2 x 2 Inches
    Weight: 2 lbs
    Supported Systems: Residential systems: one inverter, up to 45 power optimizers, and one meter. Residential StorEdge systems: one inverter, up to 30 power optimizers, 2 batteries, and one meter
    Monitoring: Data sampled every 5 minutes and sent to SolarEdge server.
    Data Plan: 5 year prepaid plan (non-extendable)
    RP Performance
    Operating Frequency Min.-Max. CDMA 800: Modem transmit: 824-849, Modem receive: 869-894 MHz
    Operating Frequency Min.-Max. CDMA 1900: Modem transmit: 1850-1910, Modem receive: 1930-1990 MHz
    Antenna Connector: RP-SMA
    Max. Transmit Power: 24 dBm
    Receive Input Sensitivity: Typ. -107, Min. -106 dBm

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Warranty Information

25 Year Limited Warranty
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