Discover 50-0016-SMA AES LYNK Card for SMA Sunny Island

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  • Discover 50-0016-SMA AES LYNK Card for SMA Sunny Island
  • Discover 50-0016-SMA AES LYNK Card for SMA Sunny Island
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Discover, LYNK card for SMA Sunny Island

A connection to the AES batteries can be made with the Discover LYNK monitor and gateway. LYNK enables closed loop communications providing adaptive, real­ time interaction between the Discover AES LiFePO4 battery and connected inverter system. Remote reporting of battery status is available through the inverter monitoring and web services.

Edge Cards (daughter boards) can be added to the LYNK to enable communications to specific inverter brands. A selection of cards will become available to match popular inverter brands. Two Edge Cards can be used at one time for various inverters and charge controllers in one system. The XNBS card is used to interface the AES battery bank with Schneider XW and SW inverters and charge controls.The SMA card is used to interface the AES battery bank with an SMA Sunny Island inverter system.


  • State of Charge - AES Battery State of Charge (SoC) is displayed in real time by multiple brands of off-grid inverters. LED segments on LYNK device provide additional at a glance reference. Remotely monitor the aggregate SoC for a string of AES batteries and data log sites using the data monitoring services offered by multiple brands of off-grid inverters.
  • Full Compatibility & Faster Charging - AES Battery charge settings are automatically sent and programmed to multiple brands of off-grid inverter chargers and solar charge controllers. Up to 25% faster charging with dynamic SoC communication between AES Batery and power conversion system.
  • Mix and Match Systems & Maximize the Battery - Two slots for plug and play Edge Cards allow for two brands of power conversion electronics to be integrated with AES LiFePO4 Battery in the same power system. Internal cell balancing is optimized enabling the highest usable capacity and true 100% depth of discharge over the entire life of the battery.


  • Manufacturer: Discover Battery
    Product Line: AES Battery
    Model ID: 50-0016-SMA

  • Mechanical Data

    Technology: Communications Gateway Card
    Gateway Specs Dimensions: 3.70 x 2.00 x 1.60 inches
    Weight: 1.00 lbs
    Mounting: Included: Wall mount faceplate, surface mount bracket

    Optional: DIN Rail 35 mm

    Firmware: Update over local USB port
    Edge Card Slots: Up to two cards per LYNK, one card per brand of compatible power conversion devices
    Data Logger: Feature Functionality
    Internal Memory: 1 Gb flash
    Programmable: Future functionality

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Warranty Information

Warranty: Limited Warranty (See Warranty Statement)
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