Renogy Wanderer Li 30A PWM Charge Controller

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  • Renogy Wanderer Li 30A PWM Charge Controller
  • Renogy Wanderer Li 30A PWM Charge Controller
  • Renogy Wanderer Li 30A PWM Charge Controller
  • Renogy Wanderer Li 30A PWM Charge Controller
  • Renogy Wanderer Li 30A PWM Charge Controller
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Renogy Wanderer Li 30A PWM Charge Controller

The Renogy Wanderer 30A PWM Charge Controller is a reliable and efficient device designed to regulate the charge and protect the battery in your solar power system. With its advanced PWM charging algorithm, this charge controller provides stable and high-efficiency charging to your battery bank, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

This charge controller features a compact and sturdy design, making it easy to install and ideal for use in small to medium-sized solar systems. The clear and easy-to-read LCD display provides real-time monitoring of important system data, such as voltage, current, and battery status, giving you complete control over your system.

The Renogy Wanderer 30A PWM Charge Controller is equipped with various protection functions, including overcharge, over-discharge, overload, short-circuit, and reverse polarity protection, safeguarding your battery and connected devices from damage caused by various external factors.

This charge controller is also compatible with various battery types, including sealed, gel, and flooded lead-acid batteries, and supports a wide range of solar panel input voltages and charging currents. Additionally, it has a built-in 5V 2A USB port, allowing you to charge your mobile devices and other USB-powered gadgets directly from your solar power system.

This newly improved model has two advanced features: an RS232 port and Lithium battery charging. With the addition of the RS232 port, users can now connect and communicate with the Renogy BT-1 Bluetooth module. By adding the BT-1 to the Wanderer-Li, you can now use the smartphone app, Renogy BT, to monitor and adjust your solar system remotely. With the inclusion of the Lithium Battery Mode, the 30A negative-ground controller is now capable of charging various 12V battery types and banks, including most 12V lithium models available on the market.

Overall, the Renogy Wanderer 30A PWM Charge Controller is a reliable and cost-effective solution for anyone looking to regulate and optimize the performance of their solar power system. With its compact design, advanced features, and comprehensive protection functions, it's an essential tool for anyone seeking to maximize the benefits of solar power.

Installation Notes: The default starting position of the Wanderer controller terminal hatches are closed (in the UP position) that could mistakenly look like an open wire hatch. Make sure to FIRST lower each terminal hatch by screwing the terminals counterclockwise to expose the wire terminal hatch to the open position. THEN secure each cable by rotating the screws clockwise to the closed position.

Simple Install: Fully open the hatch (CCW), insert the appropriate wires, and completely close the hatch (CW).

Key Features

  • Optimized for a 12V system; Deep cycle Sealed, Gel, Flooded, and Lithium battery option ready.
  • Smart 4 Stage PWM charging (Bulk, Boost, Float, and Equalization) and temperature compensation increases battery life and improves system performance.
  • Intelligent protection against reverse polarity, overcharging, short-circuit, and reverse current. Multiple LED indicators for easy to read charge status and battery information.
  • Integrated RS232 port allows communication with BT-1 Bluetooth module and usage of Renogy BT smartphone app.


Package Includes

  • Renogy Wanderer Li 30A PWM Charge Controller
  • Options: BT-1 Bluetooth Module


The Renogy Wanderer Li 30A Negative PWM Charge Controller 
Nominal Voltage: 12 VDC Max. PV Input Power: 400W
Rated Charge Current: 30A Max. PV Input Voltage: 25 VDC
Self-Consumption: <10mA High Voltage Disconnect: 16V
Boost Duration: 120 min Temperature Compensation: -3mV/°C/2V
Working Temperature: -20°F - 113°F Storage Temperature: -31°F - 176°F
Max Gauge Size: Up to 8AWG Weight: 0.65 lbs
Dimensions: 6.45 x 4.31 x 1.76 inches Enclosure: IP20
Options: BT-1 Bluetooth Module 
Model: BT-1 Input Voltage: 5V-12V
Standby Power Consumption: 0.04W Operating Power Consumption: 0.05W
Communication Range: ≤15m Serial Baud Rate: Fixed Baud Rate 9600bps
Cable Length: 5.00 m (16.4 ft) Dimensions: 2.6 X 2.01 X 0.61 In
Installation Dimensions: 57.5, φ3.2mm (2.26, φ0.13in) Operation Temperature: -20°C to 75°C(-4°F to 167°F)
Protection Grade: IP67 Weight: 120 g (4.2oz)

Warranty Information

Accessories 1-year material warranty




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