Solar Gift Ideas: Brighten the Holidays with Solar Power


VELUX is an environmentally-conscious company that is focused on the creation of skylights and roof windows. Today, the company’s product lines include blinds, electronic accessories, solar panels, and shades, in addition to several skylights and roof windows. The company, based in Denmark, aims to help residents and businesses get more daylight and sunlight into their spaces with VELUX products. The company, founded in Denmark, is now officially a group of companies, which has a physical presence in more than 40 countries.

Company website:

Year founded: 1941

Produced in: United States, Denmark, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and China

Warranty: 10-year installation warranty plus 20-years on glass, 10-years on product and 5-years on blinds and controls

Type of company: VKR Holding A/S, a limited company wholly owned by foundations and family

Here comes the holiday season and you are wondering what to buy for your friend and relatives. No worries, we have some solar gift ideas for Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, or whatever holiday you want to lighten up with an environmentally friendly gift.

Deliberating about what gifts to buy may give you a headache, but here at SolarTown we have solar gift ideas that may help you find that wonderful solar gift for a loved one, no matter what your budget.

These solar energy products are designed to work in a variety of environments and simply fun to have around the house. Whether you're looking to help someone add extra lighting to his or her home or garden, or simply accent outdoor ornaments to spruce up their yard during the holidays, SolarTown is the place to go! We have a great selection to choose from, both new gift ideas and some gift ideas from previous years. Just look at all the possible solar gifts below. We have grouped our suggestions by whatever budget you have in mind. SolarTown is your one step shop for buying solar lights, solar fountains, solar backpacks and other solar energy products.

Solar Gift Ideas under $100 (holiday solar energy products)


eGear Solar Flashlight Silver - $16.95solar flashlight

The eGear Solar Flashlight is a handy tool to have around when you need extra lighting in the event of emergency. Small and compact, this solar flashlight can be stored in your home, car, RV and boat for easy access and use.


Unique Arts Solar Lit Thermometer - $27.95solar thermometer

Need to know the temperature, this handy solar lit thermometer shows the outside temperature while adding a little lighting outside your home. An excellent add-on for any outdoor setting!


Smart Solar Oriental Style Solar Lantern- $29.95 Hanging solar lantern

The Smart Solar Oriental Style Solar Lantern is a fun solar light that accents a garden or yard without the complicated wiring required for conventional lights. Eco-friendly and easy to install, simply hang these solar lights to accent your garden or add extra lightings to dark areas outside your home!


Unique Arts House Number Solar Address Light - $47.95solar address light

Need a solar gift idea for a family member who just bought their first home? Buy the Unique Arts Solar Address Light! Easy to install and use, simply stake the solar address light in front of your home to welcome your holiday guests!


Eton Solar Crank Radio - $74.95solar crank radio

Looking for a solar gift idea that not only entertains but can also be used in emergencies? Buy the Eton Solar Crank Radio FRX 3! Whether using this solar radio for entertainment or for emergency use, this solar gift defines versatility!

Solar Gift Ideas under $150 (holiday solar energy products)


Voltaic Amp Solar Charger $99.00solar bag with charger

The Voltaic Amp Solar Charger is a mobile energy source for many small handheld devices. A versatile and handy gift to buy for a family member who's always on the go, power for every occasion!


Gama Sonic Victorian Solar Lamp Post - $119.95solar lamp post

The Gama Sonic Victorian Solar Lamp Post is a great solar lamp post designed for porches, decks and patios. No complicated wiring and no operating costs, this solar lamp post is an excellent outdoor solar light!


Smart Solar Imperial Cascade Solar Fountain- $139.00solar fountain

The Smart Solar Imperial Cascade Solar Fountain is a fun cascading solar fountain that compliments any garden, patio or deck! Need to relax a little from all the craziness going on in your kitchen, relax and step outside your garden and enjoy this solar fountain.


Xantrex C40 Charge Controller - $142.00 solar charge controller

This handy charge controller is a mid-sized charge controller designed for many off-grid systems and is also a great way to setup an emergency power backup system. The Xantrex C40 Charge Controller is a great solar gift that will for sure provide years of use in many applications.

Solar Gift Ideas under $300 (holiday solar energy products)


Voltaic Off Grid Solar Backpack - Silver - $229.00solar backpack

Traveling during the holidays and worried about running out of power on your handheld devices and Smartphone? Why not buy this handy solar back pack to help carry things while also having a portable energy system that helps recharge those devices, now that's what I call versatility!


Gama Sonic Royal Solar Lamp Post GS-98S - $229.99solar lamp post lighting

You have family and friends coming over and worried they cannot find your driveway or home because it is so dark outside? Why not buy this solar lamp post light to add extra lighting outside your home to make everything easier? A great solar gift idea for that newlywed!


Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Oven (Red) - $295.00solar oven

Have that cooking fanatic in your home? This solar gift idea will for sure intrigue that master chef in your home. The Tulsi Hybrid Sun Oven is a fun way to bake food outside on your next camping trip or outdoor get together. Have friends and family over, why not try baking holiday cookies and treats with this fun Solar Oven!