Solar Outdoors Products for the Spring: Solar Showers and More

I don’t know about the rest of you, but here in Washington, D.C., the home of SolarTown, winter has all but passed us by. We have had a few snowflakes from time to time, but nothing like a couple of winters ago, when I was able to go cross-country skiing on the surface streets near my home.101.jpg

One winter does not global warming make, but a series of warm winters over the past couple of decades makes it hard to ignore the inescapable trend that things are warming up around here. And so we should not have been surprised today when we received our first order this year for solar outdoors products. It is not even March yet, and one of our customers ordered a solar outdoors shower for the pool.

You can say that either we have a customer that thinks way ahead, or the warm weather has gotten people to start thinking about solar energy projects early this year. In either case, if things are warming up where you are, the sun is shining and you are beginning to think about your solar power projects for the spring, give us a call.

You may be thinking about taking a hike, so why not power up your solar backpack. We are not suggesting that you take your laptop with you in the wilderness, but you may want to power up a smart phone or whatever other electronic device that you can’t live without.

If you are going to take a picnic or you are going car camping, and don’t want to bring charcoal and lighter fluid, then why not take your solar oven with you. One word of caution: solar cookers need sunlight to work, so don’t plan on baking at night! (Yes, I know that for some of us, that seems obvious, but not for others.)

If you have a remote cabin, then do like many of our customers do and buy a solar refrigerator.  If you have a pool, and want to get the chlorine off of you after your swim, then you can buy a solar pool shower.  That is what our customer purchased from us today.  And if you are camping and want to take a portable solar shower with you, then get a solar shower that is portable.

Spring is just around the corner here and before you know it, the cherry blossoms will be out at the Tidal Basin, and many solar lovers will be getting their solar outdoors projects ready for the spring and summer.