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Solar Water Fountain Pump

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The perfect solar fountain for your small home pond or pool. Versatile and easy to set up, this pump system is a great accent to any decorative water body.

SD-201 Fountain Pump – (Package Contains: 1.5 watt solar panel,

pump, 3 Nozzles & connection wires) 6 – 9 VDC, Lift = .5 – .9

meter, 200 Max liters per hour, Salt Water is OK. 2 year warranty

Liters/ Head per hour
Sun condition 0m 0.5m 0.75m 1.0m 1.5m 2.0m 3.0m Max Height
Low 150 0 0.5m
Medium 175 80 0 0.75m
Full 200 130 90 0 0.9m

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SKU: GASP-1438

Product Description

-6V DC solar fountain pump: The lifted water height is up to 200L/h, great for a garden waterfall or fountain feature.
-It can be set up easily wherever desired without the need for batteries or wiring installation.
-Perfect for creating a new fountain, waterfall anywhere in the pond, yard or patio.
-Includes 1/3 different fountain nozzles for different fountain shapes.
-Replace your present electric power with our solar pump kit to make your fountain moreenvironment-friendly, more portable and safer for your kids.


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