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Solar Pro XF

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Model Number: SOLARPRO XF

Brand: GAME

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Product Description


The Solar Pro XF is an innovative product that allows homeowners to easily heat your outdoor pool with no additional costs. The advance clear polycarbonate cover improves the heating process allowing the running water that flows thru the Solar Pro XF solar collector to heat up more effectively, extending the number of days friends and family can enjoy your pool. With a surface area of over 10 square feet and sturdy tilt legs of 30 degrees, the Solar Pro XF maximizes solar energy absorption.

Easy to install and easy to drain for storage, the Game Solar Pro XF is a great addition to any home! Simply connect the hose coming from your pool pump or filter to the SolarPro XF then again to the pool, and the system is up and running! To minimize leaking, the Solar Pro XF comes with brass fittings for a leak-proof seal while maintaining a fresh and clean environment. Looking for a pool water heater, buy the Solar Pro XF!



  • Works for above and in ground pools
  • 2 inch tubing – lowering water resistance
  • Easy to install and multiple drain plugs for quick emptying
  • Fast and easy access connectors
  • Compact design and no operating costs
  • Measures 39.76 L X 35.43 W X 4.72 D (inches)


  • Solar Pro XF – solar pool water heater
  • Tilt legs
  • Inlet 1.25 – 1.5 (inch) hose reducer
  • Brass fittings
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