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b_1e63f94b28cb27c782212037b77746e0SMA 10 kW Inverter

SMA 10 kW Inverter

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Model Number: SB 10000TL-US

Brand: Sunny Boy

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The SMA 10 kW Inverter is a robust and heavy duty string inverter designed for residential solar energy systems or commercial solar energy systems. A 10 kW solar array can produce substantial power for home use or commercial use, the SMA 10 kW Inverter converts the DC power to nominal 10k watt AC power. Featuring SMA’s innovative H5 topology, the Sunny Boy 10000TL-US Inverter efficiency rating is up to 98.3 % maximizing energy coming from the solar panels.

With years of research and development experience in the solar industry, SMA Inverters offer solar installers and solar designers a flexible and powerful energy conversion solution for residential, commercial and utility projects. The SMA 10 kW Inverter features a transformer-less design reducing the inverter’s weight, increases the speed-of payback and provides optimum value for any decentralized commercial PV system. Moreover with die-cast aluminum enclosure and OptiCool active temperature management system, the Sunny Boy 10000TL-US can operate under extreme conditions while providing years of system functionality.

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Product Description

SMA Power Balancer for three-phase grid connection and Integrated DC load disconnect box simplifies the installation process ensuring safety as well as saving time. DC reverse-polarity protection, AC short circuit protection, and galvanic isolation provide additional protection and handling. The SMA 10 kW Inverter is great for both residential and commercial solar applications!

  • UL certified
  • True sine wave AC current
  • 98.3% peak efficiency
  • OptiCool active temperature management system
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Patented automatic grid voltage detection
  • Integrated DC disconnect switch
  • 10 year warranty
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Additional Information

Weight 77.0 lbs
Dimensions 24.0 x 18.5 x 9.0 in
Nominal Power (W)



True Sine Wave


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