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Pentametric Computer Interface

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Data Logging Functions
1. “Periodically logged data” can record any or all of the following at regular intervals: once per day to up to once per minute:
* Amp hours (3 channels)
* Watt hours (2 channels)
* Temperature max/min (1 channel)
* Volts (2 channels)
* Amps (1 channel)
* Batt%Full (2 channels)
2. “Battery discharge voltage profile” data logs volts and amps every time charge level changes by 5% (or 10%) for 1 or 2 battery systems. This checks that battery capacity is still OK–by observing that battery voltage does not decline excessively as charge level drops.
3. “Battery cycle efficiency data” documents system efficiency for up to 2 battery systems. For each ‘charge/discharge’ cycle it records: cycle length (hours), total amp hours charged, total amp hours discharged, computed average ‘self discharge’ current and charge (amp hour) efficiency.

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Product Description

Pentrametric computer hardware interface for Windows interface. Allows you to extensively montitor and log data on your home computer in conjunction with the Pentrametric Battery Monitor System. There are 3 types of data logging functions. With the computer interface all 3 types can be output to spreadsheet file.


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