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Outback FlexNet DC Advanced System Monitor

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  • Model Number:  FN-DC
  • Brand:  Outback
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Product Description


The OutBack Power Technologies FLEXnet DC is the ultimate in DC System monitoring devices and is ideal for off-grid power systems. The integrated networked communications make valuable, usable data available from your system, viewable on an OutBack MATE communications device, providing you with the answers you need concerning your system’s health, performance and efficiency.


The FLEXnet DC monitoring device provides battery status, current energy production, a daily summary screen and a historical summary screen up to 128 days of power. The battery status provides an easy-to-interpret fuel-gauge screen and a battery charge/discharge display.

Current energy production shows the current power production as well as the power going in and out of the battery bank. The daily summary screen shows cumulative energy produced and the total energy sent to the batteries each day. It also displays the lowest state of charge for the battery bank. The history summary screen includes a minimum state of charge for each day and can be used to monitor system production and consumption trends.

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