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Go Power! Solar Elite Solar Kit

$3,380.00 $2,899.99


Model Number: SOLAR ELITE

Brand: Go Power!

Usually ships within 2 – 3 days

Wattage: 320

The Go Power! Solar Elite gives you power on the go, great for RV’s and outdoor applications.

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Product Description

Go Power!’s Solar Elite is a complete system for the full time the largest solar system on the market. This system features a 160 Watt Charger Kit, a 160 Watt Expansion kits (two 160 watt panels in total, totaling an outstanding 310W). It also includes the GP-SW2000-12 unit, a 2000W Go Power! pure sine wave inverter. This kit is a collection of essentials, featuring the GPC-45-MAX 45 amp 4-stage smart battery charger, the GP-PWM-30 30 Amp Solar Regulator, the GP-TS 30 amp prewired transfer switch, a DC inverter install kit which can handle 12V inverters ranging from 2600W to 3000W and 24V inverters ranging from 4100W to 6000W, the GP-SWR-B inverter remote and 50 feet of MC-4 cable and mounting hardware. From installation to solar charging, this kit has your needs covered right out of the box.

GP-RV-160 The largest 12V solar panel on the market. It is a complete plug and play solar charging kit that is designed to keep the batteries charged on an RV, boat, cottage or cabin.

GP-RV-160E Go Power! 160W Solar Expansion Kit is designed to quick connect to an existing solar system.

GP-SW2000-12 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter takes 12V DC battery power and converts it to AC power. This inverter has 2 GFCI outlets.

GP-PWM-30 Go Power! GP-PWM-30 solar controller which is a 30 amp pulse width modulated 4-stage solar controller, complete with digital display.

GPC-45-MAX This 45 amp 4-Stage converter/battery charger is built to charge flooded or wet cell batteries to 100 percent by using 4-stage charging.

GP-TS Pre-wired 30 amp automatic transfer switch is used to hardwire inverters into the system. This transfer switch is made to only allow one source of AC power to pass through it and ensures that the inverter will not be damaged if the generator or utility power is hooked up while the inverter is running. It includes a 15 Amp outlet on the side that is powered by the shore power or generator, permitting to hook up a battery charger.

GP-SWR-B With an LED display for power use and battery voltage, this remote is used to turn the inverter on and off. Compatible models: GP-SW1000-12, GP-SW2000-12, and GP-SW3000-12.

GP-DC-KIT4 Go Power! DC Installation Kit number 4 is used to quickly and safely connect the inverter to the batteries. It comes with 10 feet of 4/0 cable with a 400 amp class T slow blow inverter fuse. This kit is used on 12V inverters ranging from 2600W to 3000W and 24V inverters ranging from 4100W to 6000W.


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