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Solar Outdoors

Solar portable devices can be used for your outdoors activities. Solar energy can be harnessed for a wide variety of outdoor energy requirements, providing practical solutions for your everyday outdoor activities. Using small photovoltaic energy collectors, all of our solar outdoor products offer cleanly-powered, low-cost convenience.

In addition to our portable photovoltaic systems that can be used in isolated locations such as out-of-town cabins, SolarTown carries solar ovens and solar refrigerators for heating and cooling food in a variety of settings using natural solar energy. We also carry solar backpacks and portable solar showers for camping and other remote applications as well as solar water distillation systems that give you the ability to filter water wherever you are. For emergencies and outdoor adventures, SolarTown also carries solar-powered flashlights and lanterns. If you are looking for portable solar modules to power your computers, cell phones and iPods, please see our Solar Electronics section.

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