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Solar Fountains

Add a water feature to your garden space quickly and easily with a solar powered water pump fountain. Moving water adds visual interest, attracts wildlife, and creates a serene, relaxing outdoor atmosphere. Powered by the sun, solar powered water pump fountains won’t increase your electricity costs but will increase the value of your outdoor living space.

SolarTown’s solar fountains allow you to add a bird bath, tabletop water feature, decorative cascading patio falls, or bubbling water bell fountains to your outdoor space without the fuss of installing elaborate water circulation systems. They require no wiring, no plumbing, and come as complete kits that are easy to assemble.

We carry solar powered water pump fountains for every budget and aesthetic preference. From modern to traditional, elaborate to simple, SolarTown’s solar water fountain options are durably built and a beautiful addition to any garden.

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