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Solar Electronics

Solar energy can be used to power a diverse number of solar electronics, and SolarTown has a wide variety of options to suit your needs. SolarTown offers solar portable modules with a range of functionalities. Simple solar battery chargers provide constant energy for charging batteries or electronics, while more complex systems offer intelligent and fast charging options. They all provide the convenience of energy on-the-go without the hassle of looking for an electrical outlet.

We carry solar radios that include standard AM and FM band frequencies as well as shortwave radio capabilities. Many include extras like built-in flashlights, GPS locators, and back-up hand-crank generators.

Additionally, for those with solar photovoltaic systems for their homes, RVs, or boats, a solar meter is often a handy device. These devices are used for measuring the sun’s power for the purpose of determining your on- or off-grid solar systems performance.

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