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Heating and Cooling

These solar heating and cooling systems are for home applications and come from dependable companies such as Environmental Solar Systems. We carry the well-known Big Chill solar cooling systems. Solar heating and cooling use energy from the sun to power a variety of systems, providing cost-effective solution for conditioning for your home.

Solar cooling can be accomplished either through absorption or by using a drying agent. Solar absorption cooling systems work well for remotely-located homes where excess dry heat is common. Desiccant coolers, which use a drying agent to remove moisture from the air to cool a home, are best suited for humid climates.

Active solar heaters circulate a fluid or air that absorbs solar energy which is then pumped throughout the home. Solar air heaters are most commonly installed for individual rooms, whereas solar liquid heaters can accommodate the heating requirements of an entire home. These systems are most cost-effective for homes located in regions where heating is required for a longer portion of the year.

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