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b_8933ae63f3e5cde8eca102d43e53028aPower One Aurora 3000w Inverter

Aurora 3000w Inverter

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  • Model Number:  PVI-3.0-OUTD-S-US
  • Brand:  Aurora
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Product Description


A string or array of home solar panels is only as effective as its weakest link, which can mean that installing solar panels in a less than optimal roof location can actually decrease the total power output of the array. The Aurora PVI-3.0 inverter uses MPPT technology to solve this problem by processing two strings of panels independently, allowing you to separate your homes solar energy system so that the weaker performers don’t drag down your standout power generating solar panels.

The Aurora 3000w inverter is even specially designed to handle low voltage power flows, so that solar panels installed in temporarily or seasonally shaded locations will keep power flowing into the dc to ac conversion process.


All this versatility comes with top-level industry conversion performance of 97% and a five-year product warranty. Completely sealed against the elements, you can mount the Aurora 3000w Inverter just about anywhere, though with less than a 50 dBA sound profile you will probably forget about it no matter where you chose to install it.

  • MPPT parallel processing allows for more versatile home solar panel installations
  • Real time dc to ac power conversion tracking
  • RS-495 port for laptop or data logger interface
  • PVI-Radiomodule wireless communication compatible
  • Rated to function in -13F to 140F temperatures
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