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Brand Features

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are deeply ingrained in the VELUX philosophy, with products that are not only useful to society but are also responsibly sourced

In the US, the wood used for our skylights comes from controlled sources as close to the company’s factory as possible. 99.5% of the wood used for VELUX windows is sourced from certified, sustainable forests.

Access to products in a wide range of countries, with 27 production sites in 10 countries and sales companies in 40 countries

The company is a useful source of employment, employing more than 11,500 people across the globe

VELUX skylights are built at VELUX manufacturing sites, where the company can run extended internal audits to monitor compliance in all products to ensure they meet all critical safety standards.

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Company History

In 1941, VELUX founder Villum Kann Rasmussen started his first project, designing a school, which was the project that launched what we now know today as one of the world’s leading skylight and roof window companies. Rasmussen’s mission was simple: to bring more daylight and fresh air into spaces for people to enjoy. VELUX’s name comes from a combination of the words “VE” (short for ventilation) and “LUX” (which is Latin for light). For the first 30 years of its existence, VELUX focuses mostly on creating roof windows and skylights.

Once VELUX had expanded in to 12 markets in 1965, Villum, the company leader, formulated the Model Company Objective: a commitment to produce products that are useful to society, and a promise to treat all stakeholders, employees, suppliers, customers, and more, better than other companies in the business. The company holds to that Model Company Objective today.

Starting in 1981, VELUX begins to expand its portfolio. They create a slew of products still sold today, including roller shutters, electric powered windows, sunscreening products, and a huge range of window accessories. One of VELUX’s most popular and longstanding products in the No Leak Skylight.—a skylight that’s sold with all pieces needed for installation, so the window goes in tightly and safely and there’s no risk of leak once the windows are put in place.

Today, VELUX continues to update its technology as time passes. The company has incorporated smartphone technology into its products to be even more relevant to the modern-day customer. VELUX Active works in conjunction with Netatmo technology to be controlled by a smartphone app—and also to monitor the environment the products are being used in by measuring CO2, humidity levels, temperature levels and more.

Company Mission

Ultimately, VELUX’s name says it all: the company aims to bring more sunlight and fresh air indoor for people, so they can enjoy a bit of the outside while they are in their homes and offices. They do this by creating a range of roof window, skylight, and solar products that help improve the light and airflow of people’s spaces. The company also strives to create high-quality products while making minimal impact on the environment, so they can create better places to spend time for their customers, without having any negative consequences on the world around us.

To learn more about VELUX and what the company stands for, check out their company website here.

Velux + Solartown

VELUX was founded based on one central principle: to get more daylight and fresh air into the homes and workplaces of people around the world. Today, VELUX continues to strive to help create products that make it easier to bring more of the outdoors in for customers. But they’ve also made a serious commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing. At VELUX, they want to not only create products that improve people’s lives, but they want to minimize the impact they have on the Earth while they do it.

To manage their environmental impact, the company is focused on reducing the amount of energy it takes to create their products. They also aim for zero-waste production, so there is no harmful or hazardous waste at sites when they’ve finished creating what they’ll sell. Next, they source all materials for their windows and skylights as responsibly as possible and they’re focused on using sustainable materials, from sites as close to a manufacturing facility as possible. Finally, VELUX creates healthy, safe work environments for their staff. They strive to continuously minimize the chance of work-related accidents, injuries, or diseases that their team members are exposed to.

Today, VELUX America is part of the VELUX Group. VELUX America’s US headquarters are located in Fort Mill, SC, along with a showroom where you can take a close look at the company’s products in action. The VELUX Group has a sales presence in more than 40 countries and production facilities at 27 unique sites in 10 different countries.

To learn more about the products that VELUX America makes for consumers, scroll down through the line of products we carry. You can find more information about each product, or reach out to us to learn more about the VELUX products we sell.