Anker 511 PowerHouse - 87.6Wh | 90

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  • Anker 511 PowerHouse - 87.6Wh | 90
  • Anker 511 PowerHouse - 87.6Wh | 90
  • Anker 511 PowerHouse - 87.6Wh | 90
  • Anker 511 PowerHouse - 87.6Wh | 90
  • Anker 511 PowerHouse - 87.6Wh | 90
  • Anker 511 PowerHouse - 87.6Wh | 90
  • Anker 511 PowerHouse - 87.6Wh | 90
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Anker 511 PowerHouse

Model Number: A1710
PowerHouse 90
The Ultra-Powerful Portable AC Charger

Colossal Cell Capacity
24,000mAh of charging power ensures over one complete charge for the 2020 MacBook Air and a significant battery boost for other laptops. Depending on battery size, most smartphones will get over 4 full charges with tablets also charging at least once.
Stable Power Supply
The built-in AC outlet uses a pure sine wave inverter to ensure the power output is just as good as what you get at home. Reduces audible and electrical noise in sensitive appliances.
Built-In Flashlight
Never be left in the dark again. Choose between full brightness, low brightness, and SOS lighting modes at the push of the button.
Ready to Recharge
Comes with a 45W wall charger and USB-C to USB-C cable so you have everything you need to recharge PowerHouse’s internal battery.
Air-Travel Friendly
Stay charged in the airport while waiting for your flight, and then store PowerHouse 90 in your carry on until you reach your destination.

  • Built-In 100W Wall Outlet: Charge mobile devices, laptops, drones, cameras, and small appliances—all from a single compact power source.
  • Simultaneous ChargingWith a 45W USB-C port, 2 USB ports, and a 100W AC outlet, you can now charge up to 4 devices at once without sacrificing power.
  • Huge CapacityEquipped with a huge 24,000mAh capacity to charge a 2020 MacBook Air 1.5 times, a DJI Mavic Mini 3-4 times, and an iPhone 13 4-5 times.
  • High-Speed ChargingUse the 45W USB-C port to fully charge a 2020 MacBook Air in just over 2 hours.
  • PowerHouse 90 is not recommended for charging your CPAP.
  • When the power button is turned on, even if no devices are being charged, there will still be a certain amount of no-load power consumption. Therefore, it’s best to turn off the power button after use to avoid draining power.
  • 24,000mAh is the total of the nominal rated capacity of internal battery cells.
  • The maximum power output of the AC port is 90W.
  • If you use the AC port to charge devices greater than 90W, PowerHouse will automatically turn off.
  • When AC output is lower than 8W for more than 30 minutes, the AC function will be disabled automatically.


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