REDARC CE25 25A Charge Equalizer

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REDARC 25A Charge Equalizer

The REDARC 25A Charge Equalizer (CE25S2) is designed to manage a high current, 12 volt supply in a 24-volt vehicle.

It allows 12 volts to be tapped from the center of a series-connected, two battery, 24 volt DC electrical system while still ensuring an equal charge across the two batteries.
REDARC Charge Equalizers draw their power from a battery, rather than from a current limited device. This allows for a much larger peak current draw.

Because of their high peak current capability and fast transient response, REDARC Charge Equalizers are ideally suited to loads that require a safe, clean and stable 12 volt supply.

In addition, the CE25S2 features input isolation which removes the need for an input relay or isolator, making it incredibly easy to install.

Why do I need a charge equalizer?

Taking 12 volts from the centre point of a 24-volt battery bank is a common way to use 12-volt devices on heavy transport vehicles and earth‑moving machinery. A good example of this is an electric hydraulic pump for lifting tailgates, decks, ramps, or cranes.

This has enabled high current loads to draw the power whilst the engine is running without a dedicated (auxiliary) 12-volt battery of their own.

However, this can cause the ‘lower’ battery to be undercharged and the ‘upper’ battery to be overcharged, causing the batteries to be unbalanced. This can cause:

  • Poor engine starting
  • Poor operation of 12-volt loads
  • Sensitive load dropouts
  • Visible leakage of distortion of the upper batteries
  • Costly battery servicing
  • Reduced battery life and premature battery failure

The solution is a Charge Equalizer, whose job is to monitor the voltages on both the upper and lower batteries and manage current flow between them at a rate that means the two batteries have the same charging effort applied at all times.

With the addition of a Charge Equalizer, starting power is maintained, battery service life is returned to normal, and unnecessary downtime is avoided.

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SKU number  CE25
UPC number  9338628003242
Output Voltage 6 - 16VDC
Output Current Rating (Cont.) 25A
Input Current (Max.) 20 - 32VDC
Input Fuse Rating  40A
Output Fuse Rating  40A
Standby Current Draw <100mA
Width (in) 2.83
Height (in) 4.72
Length (in) 9.06
Weight (lb) 1.16
Warranty  2 Years
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