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Nature's Generator Power Pod

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  • Nature's Generator Power Pod
  • Nature's Generator Power Pod
  • Nature's Generator Power Pod
  • Nature's Generator Power Pod

Expected release date is Apr 20th 2022




Nature's Generator Power Pod

Nature's Generator Power Pod can be used independently or in conjunction with the Nature's Generator. It comes with an internal 100Ah Sealed Lead Acid battery that can be recharged through the solar panel input on the front of the unit. On the front of the unit we also include an LED light fuel gauge to let you know the units level of charge as well as a 12V DC outlet.

Although the Nature's Generator Power Pod doesn't come included with our custom heavy duty cart (when not bundled with Nature's Generator) you can purchase that separately - Creating ease of use and transportation from one spot to the next.

The Nature's Generator Power Pod also includes a compartment on the top section of the product. The fuse connector for expansion purposes is stored here. You can also store any other items inside the compartment that you may want to keep handy with  your unit.

Nature's Generator Power Pod Highlights

  • Adds an additional 100Ah.
  • Expanable and stackable with an addtional Pod.
  • Sits squarely on the top of Nature's Generator.

How to recharge your Nature's Generator Power Pod

  • Using included AC Cord - Estimated recharge time: 10 - 15 hrs.
  • Using the Nature's Generator Power Panel - Estimated recharge time: 10 - 15 hrs.

Nature's Generator Power Pod Highlights

  • All run times are estimated. By using your system with the inlcuded Power Panel(s), run times are extended further.

    Run Times with Nature's Generator

    • Smartphones - 100+ Recharges
      Tablets - 60+ Recharges
      Laptops - 40+ Recharges
      LED Light Bulbs - 100+ Hours
      Point of View Camera - 300+ Recharges
      Mini Fridge - 15-20 Hours
      Refrigerator - 12-20 Hours
      32" LED TV - 30+ Hours
      Oscillating Fan - 30+ Hours
      CPAP Machine - 20+ Hours
      Circular Saw - 5 Hours of Normal UseCorded Drill - 9 Hours of Normal Use




Tech Specs

Features & Battery Date
  • Tone 12V DC port (240W max)
  • Solar Input (200W Max)
  • LED multi-color battery fuel guage
  • Operating temperature: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)
  • Storage Temperature: 23–111 °F (-5–45 °C)
  • Expansion Cord to connect to a Nature's Generator or Power Pod - 45in. Long
  • Type: AGM Sealed Lead Acid
  • Capacity: 100Ah (1,200Wh)
  • Keep plugged in or recharge every 2-3 months of non-use
  • Built-in charge controller
  • Built-in low battery protection
  • Product dimensions - Power Pod: 18 x 12 x 15 in.
  • Weight out of box: Power Pod - 92 lbs
  • Operating temperature: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)
  • Storage Temperature: 23–111 °F (-5–45 °C)
  • Output Voltage: 120V
  • Output Frequency: 60Hz
  • Front LCD Display shows battery level
  • Warranty: 12 Months

In the Box

Manual & Quick Start Guide

What's Inside

  • Nature's Generator Power Pod
  • Hardware box
  • Owner's Manual


Questions & Answers

Having issue connecting my Nature's Power Pod connector to my Nature's Generator - is there some kind of trick to connect the two? I am afraid that I might break one of the connectors by forcing them together. Any help would be deeply appreciated here. Thanks
Hi Jim: The two connector pieces are designed to have a tight fit, like you are experiencing.  If you place a slight downward force while inserting the connection cable into the generator, that should help them connect.  Thanks, Greg
How many pod can have connected on my Generator?
You may connect as many Power Pod as you want. The more power pods you connect, the longer run time there will be. Thanks
Can the power pod be charged by the Nature's Generator when connected?
Yes. When the power pod is connected to Nature's Generator, power pod will be charged at the same time with Nature's Generator by wall or solar panel or wind turbine. But charging time will be longer because the battery capacity is bigger as a whole. Thanks.
In my application I will need to connect output to a 120V device and a 12V device. Will it output on those ports simultaneously?
Hi - Thank you for being interested in Nature's Generator. Yes, both 120V AC output and 12V DC output can work simutaneously. Power Pod does not come with 120V AC output though. You need to connect Nature's Generator to have 120V AC output. Thank you.
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