Gama Sonic Orion Solar Wall Lamp GS-123W

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Gama Sonic Orion Solar Wall Lamp GS-123W
Gama Sonic Orion Solar Wall Lamp GS-123W
Gama Sonic Orion Solar Wall Lamp GS-123W
Gama Sonic Orion Solar Wall Lamp GS-123W
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Orion Solar Wall Lamp GS-123W

The Gama Sonic Orion Solar Wall Lamp GS-123W is designed with our NEW Morph Technology and GS Solar LED light bulb. This modern solar lamp is a fantastic way to illuminate the exterior of your house, shed, greenhouse, storage unit, garage or front porch.
  • Innovative Technology: New groundbreaking Morph technology harnesses more power from the sun using monocrystalline solar panels and thus allows the GS LED light bulb to shine brightly at 150 lumens.
  • Dusk to Dawn Operation: This outdoor solar lamp is designed to provide dusk-to-dawn performance when its battery gets fully charged during the day.
  • Easy DIY Installation: The Orion Solar Wall Lamp light fixture comes with all the hardware needed for mounting this unit anywhere you choose where ample sunshine is available.
  • No Electrical Wiring: It requires no electrical wiring for installation, making it the perfect replacement for outdated electric or gas-powered outdoor lighting


Gama Sonic is proud to introduce the Orion Solar Lamp GS-123W which features the latest in Morph and solar light bulb LED technology. This solar lamp light fixture is the perfect energy-saving and money-saving replacement for electric or gas-powered outdoor lighting. Its circular wall bracket mounts easily on any surface and does not require any electrical wiring.

Morph Technology: Gama Sonic’s NEW Morph Solar Panel Technology is a groundbreaking process in the way we capture more power from the sun. Our Morph technology still uses monocrystalline solar panels. Although, instead of the limited sized solar panels, the light fixture morphs into a solar panel.

New Solar Technology: The GS Solar Light Bulb is our newest utility patent. This NEW technology takes the conventional idea of a light bulb and incorporates it into solar-powered outdoor lamps fixtures. Small but powerful, this fixture automatically turns on at dusk and shines at 150 lumens. Learn more about our innovative technology, the GS Solar LED light bulb.

Durable and Weather Resistant: Beyond providing a superior combination of light brightness and duration, Gama Sonic solar light fixtures are known for their physical durability. The monocrystalline solar panel is protected by a weather-resistant, cleanable plastic lens that helps ensure long-lasting reliability.

Built to Last: At Gama Sonic, our goal is to build the world’s best solar lights by providing long-lasting light fixtures that are simply built to last! Every light fixture is integrated with a lithium-ion battery pack that is good for about 1,000 charges. Once the battery exceeds its life – simply replace the battery and you are good to go for the next three years. Additionally, our GS Solar LED light bulb will last for 100,000 hours and never needs replacing, lasting the lifespan of the lamp itself, which is approximately 10 years.

Duration: At dusk, 11 warm-white LEDs turn on automatically and shine at a brightness of 150 lumens for up to eight hours on a full solar charge (generally it takes about six hours of direct sunlight on the solar panel for the battery pack to receive a full solar charge after it has been completed drained.) With proper setup for optimal sun exposure, a sunny day without cloud cover should be sufficient to provide a full recharge.

No Electrical Wiring: It does not require any electrical wiring for installation, making it the perfect replacement for outdated electric or gas-powered outdoor lighting.

WARNING: GAMA SONIC® Light bulbs are not to be used in other electrical sockets. These are low-voltage light bulbs that are built and designed for our products only!

*Please note that we highly recommend reading the instruction manual carefully to obtain the best results from your purchase.



Model #
LED Color
Solar LED Light Bulb, Morph Technology
# of LEDs
Battery Capacity
1500 mAh
Power Source
Mono-Crystalline Solar Cell
Solar Panel
Light Duration
up to 12 hours
Measurements 14.5 x 9 x 10.5 in

Shipping Information

5 lbs
10 × 10 × 10 in

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