Juice Stand Commercial Use Pedestal (Pedestal Only)

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Juice Stand Commercial Use Pedestal (Pedestal Only)
Juice Stand Commercial Use Pedestal (Pedestal Only)

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Juice Stand Pedestal (Charger NOT included)

Durable and affordable, JuiceStand is the perfect solution for MUDs, workplaces, and small businesses who expect light to medium EV traffic. JuiceStand’s small footprint is ideally suited for locations with limited parking space, and can include one or two UL Listed JuiceBox units, which are compatible with all electric vehicles. JuiceStand is our most affordable commercial EV charging solution and offers all of the same smart charging features for businesses that want to offer private or public charging.


  • Save on installation with cost-effective ground-mounted smart charging stations
  • Add one or two smart charging stations to meet your current and evolving needs
  • Connect to the internet via cellular, Ethernet and WiFi for smart charging capabilities
  • Optimize energy costs and avoid demand charges with our JuiceNet IoT platform
  • Offer public charging or paid private charging to authorized users with user authentication via JuiceNet Enterprise
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