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Solar Panels Up in Flames: What About My Warranty?

Some solar companies may not outlast the year! Businesses providing solar technology and products have not been able to prosper and survive in the market. There is always hope that these companies will be financially stable and grow over the years, but this has been...

Solar Lighting Manufacturers Kiss and Make Up

The technology behind solar lights has not changed in many years. There have been a couple of changes. One major change has been in the cost of manufacturing and now almost all solar powered lights are manufactured in China. Another major change has been in the design of the solar light. Some of the manufacturers we represent at SolarTown have been innovating brighter solar lights with updated design. This is all well and good until they find that some of their competitors allegedly have ripped off their design. Some of the lights have a cord so that the light can be in the shade but the panel is in the sun. During the day the solar panel can catch the sun’s rays and send the electrical charge to the battery for storage. Then at night the solar light grabs the charge from the solar battery to light up your backyard. Now that would be an innovation, how to design a solar light that doesn’t need the sun to work.

Solar Lights in the City of Peace

Solar lights have recently been placed on the walls of Jerusalem's Old City. According to Independent Catholic News, earlier this month "people of many faiths gathered ... as part of a global interfaith climate action. Building on the momentum from the People's...

Solar Duels with Natural Gas and Oil

There has long been a debate regarding whether solar power will compete effectively with other energy resources in price and reliability. States such as California that have provided economic incentives to solar energy have experienced explosive growth in solar energy utilization. Nevertheless, most states in US are still highly dependent on coal and natural gas. Solar energy is starting to compete with natural gas and oil, but the drop in the cost of natural gas has dimmed solar energy’s prospects. To solve the high front-cost issue, solar power is now still relying on government subsidies. Some researchers have been doubting if there is any way to end subsidies while still promoting green energy. One way would be to place a fee on CO2 emissions. Compared to expensive oil, relatively dirty coal and troubled nuclear power, renewable energy can definitely play a leading role in the energy needs of the United States. It will be a balance of cost, reliability, consistency, and government policy.

All Politics is Local: Neighbors Squabble over Home Solar Panels

If you ever had to put up a fence on a common border with your neighbor, you will know how sensitive any kind of improvement to your property can be to your neighbors. What can neighbors argue about?  Almost everything.  So it should come as no surprise that there are...

Further Price Cuts in Home Solar Panels Not Expected

Supplies for polysilicon used for manufacturing solar panels have stabilized and prices are not expected to decline further. The material, used in crystalline silicon PV cells was in oversupply in 2013 and some suppliers of polysilicon were forced to shutter their...

Solar-Powered LED Lighting Brightens Developing Countries

LED is not a stranger to us as they have been around us already for many years. TV screens, LED bulbs for your home, and the back light of phone are all using the LED technology. But when three scientists who won the Nobel Prize in Physics earlier this month started...

Solar Installer Vivint’s IPO: Opportunity and Risks

Why is it that everybody has heard of SolarCity but few outside the solar industry have heard of Vivint Solar?  That changed on October 1 when the New York Stock Exchange welcomed Vivint to the ranks of publicly-traded companies.  Vivint Solar is the second largest...

Trouble for Solar in Ohio

New legislation in Ohio is impeding the renewable energy market. Now there are no incentives for renewable energy to replace conventional or for companies to complete projects in-state. Prices for renewable energy credits (RECs) and solar renewable energy credits...

Cooling Solar Panels to Increase Efficiency

Just like you, the solar panels on top of your roof are not as productive at high temperatures! Most people think that with the more direct sunlight the more energy the panels will produce, but then don’t worry about the accompanying high temperature. Cooling solar cells can often be a pretty expensive and time consuming process with previous solutions including the use of chemicals or gallons of water. Solar panels could actually be more efficient if they did not “overheat” as often. The problem is how to do this in a gentle and inexpensive way. Researchers at Stanford University have recently unveiled new coating made out of silica glass that will allow the solar cells to cool themselves, but still receive the same amount of sunlight and produce the same amount of energy. A silica, pyramid patterned coating was seen to work the best by being transparent to visible light and easily able to redirect thermal rays back into the atmosphere.

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