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New Solar Technologies Address the Elephants in the Room

The big question with regard to solar energy is whether it can reliably replace fossil fuels as a major power source in the future, and this question is not easy to answer. Of the many criticisms that can be raised, two major issues are often levied against solar...

Your Help is Needed Now to Defeat Solar-Unfriendly Utility

If you live in or around SolarTown’s home in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., then this message from the Mid Atlantic Solar Energy Society (MASES) will surely be important to you. ==================================================== Message from the...

Protect DC Solar: Help Stop the Exelon Merger!

Guest blog: This is a guest blog from Anya Schoolman, President of DC Sun. Her letter is reprinted here in full. As you have probably heard, Exelon has plans to take control of Pepco, our local electricity utility. This deal would make Exelon the biggest power...

Blistering Attacks on Solar Energy Gaining Traction

Money talks and the Koch Brothers are the most loquacious of the anti-solar movement. They have crafted a well-orchestrated movement under the aegis of the innocuous sounding name of Americans for Prosperity to derail the solar and renewable energy movement in states...

Sensational Solar Homes: Solar Homes Roundup in Washington, DC

The news around Washington D.C. has not been altogether bright. The Nationals didn’t make the playoffs this year. The federal government is closed. The museums are closed. Imposing concrete barriers block you from parking in any lots managed by the National Park...
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