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Solar Duels with Natural Gas and Oil

There has long been a debate regarding whether solar power will compete effectively with other energy resources in price and reliability. States such as California that have provided economic incentives to solar energy have experienced explosive growth in solar energy...

Are Solar Shingles a Breakthrough Technology or Just a Passing Fad?

The solar industry is booming throughout the U.S., but still solar has yet to achieve wide acceptance that would make it more than an asterisk in the nation’s energy portfolio.  Achieving even 1% of the nation’s energy is still an elusive goal.  The largest part of...

Do Home Solar Panels Add to the Value of Your Home?

Our local newspaper here in Washington DC, The Northwest Current (June 29, 2011), reported on a home for sale under the following headline: “Wardman-style row home offers solar savings.”  The article reports that the owners of the home in the Petworth part of town...

Solar Loan Program by SolarTown

Ever since we created the SolarTown community, our customers have complained that the financial burden of going solar was simply too great for them to embark on the journey. Starting today, we are offering our customers some relief: a solar loan program with one year...

The Death of PACE?

The Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs are a creative and effective approach to financing solar energy systems. Many were looking for a solar financing solution and after a very limited experiment in Berkeley, PACE expanded like wild fire to 23 states....

SolarTown Working on Financing Solutions for Solar Energy Products

Financing of solar energy systems has been a major concern to us at SolarTown since we launched this store and community. The average cost of a typical solar installation is north of $30,000. This amount is substantially reduced with the federal tax credit and some...
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