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Solar Gift Suggestions for Father’s Day

You are now deciding what to get your old man for Father’s Day.  Of course, you have already thought of the same ho-hum cologne or colorful tie. But your dad hasn’t worn a tie to work in four years—he probably is working for a renewable energy company or something...

Waiting for Godot . . . and the Energy Bill

Ever since Barack Obama was inaugurated as president, the air in Washington has been thick with expectation for a coherent energy policy. When Obama announced early in his administration that energy was one of three critical priorities—along with health care and...

Economics Trump Environment in New Jersey

New Jersey has been a leader in solar, but because of tough economic times, the Governor has thrown solar under the bus. The New Jersey governor has diverted some $400 million in clean energy programs to balance the state’s budget. Many of our customers ask whether we...

Racers, Start Your Solar Engines!

This past weekend, my family and I went away to a camp in Pennsylvania for a retreat devoted to discussing green and environmental issues. We discussed with our kids what we can do individually to reduce our carbon imprint. I was heartened to hear that some of the...
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