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Solar Conference’s Optimism Shines

Political and economic developments certainly gave renewed purpose to the ASES conference as speaker after speaker hailed the resurgent interest in solar energy and exhorted the participants to redouble their efforts to take advantage of this unique combination of...

Meet and Greet at SOLAR 2009

My impressions of Buffalo are mixed. I am staying downtown, which is all but deserted except for the participants of SOLAR 2009. There is not a solar panel in sight, which leads one to ask how the solar conference ended up here. Next year, I think it is in Arizona,...

Arriving in Buffalo for SOLAR 2009

Coming into Buffalo: I have just arrived by plane to Buffalo from Washington, DC. As you fly in, you cannot help but notice the new wind mills dotting the landscape in the rural areas outside the city. They are all relatively small, not the huge windmills that you see...
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